Sex-romp-in-the-park mum loses custody of six-year-old daughter

The furore over a brazen sex romp-in-the-park in front of a six-year-old girl has seen child protection services swing into action, removing the youngster from her allegedly “man-mad” mother.

Images of the so-far unnamed woman have been splashed over national, social and even international media since last Friday, when she was filmed enjoying full sex on a rug in Paredes de Coura park, Guimarães, with her daughter sitting right beside her.

Newspapers have remarked that at one point the woman even talks to the girl “while she is bouncing up and down on her (bare-chested) partner”.

There is also a moment where, realising she is being filmed, she looks at the camera and smiles.

An 11-minute video of the woman’s antics was posted on Youtube, going viral within a matter of hours.

The case was quickly referred to police – an investigation set up and by Monday the perpetrators had been identified and brought before magistrates.

The woman and her partner risk jail terms for what national tabloid Correio da Manhã calls sexual solicitation and abuse of a minor.

CM explains that police now have to establish whether the child was aware of what exactly was going on beside her.

Other people enjoying the Bank Holiday in the park certainly were – hence the video and litany of outrage posted on Youtube.

Meantime, people who know the woman have been telling CM that she is “a negligent mother” who “always has several boyfriends” on the go at the same time.

Her children – at least two minors, and two in their teens – live with her, while the father of the youngest children has been the subject of a restraining order for abuse.

According to CM, the father is “not allowed to approach his children”, and has been made an “arguido” (defendant) over claims that he used to hit his 14-year-old son.

The son has been institutionalised, says CM – suggesting the CPCJ (commission for protection of children and minors) has been aware of this family for some time.

For now, the sex video has been removed from Youtube and the PJ is described as “wanting to obtain the original, as the woman claims there are parts that have been cut”.

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