“Sex in lift” allegations embarrass Braga Câmara

Two work colleagues at Braga Câmara had been advised to be “more discreet and controlled in their manifestations of affection” before they were found having sex in an elevator, Jornal de Notícias reports – blowing the whistle on a story that changes depending on what one reads.

JN affirms that the affair is now the process of an inquiry which “could serve as the basis for a disciplinary case involving two council workers who work in different departments at the Convento do Pópulo”.

But Correio da Manhã, habitually the nation’s ‘smuttiest’ paper, claims it is all a storm in a teacup which no-one wants to be bothered with.

At issue appears to be the fact that the work colleagues involved both have “power and influence”.

Any official complaints about sexual frolics in a lift or indeed anywhere else could result in “reprisals”, claims JN, going on to provide detailed information on the convent’s layout.

“All the council services operate out of this building except the president’s office,” the paper explains.

“After restoration and extension works, the place was equipped with two elevators: one for all the workers, and the other which functions with a key and is for the exclusive use of the councillor in charge of Urban Planning and a few specially authorised members of staff.

“It was in this lift that the couple was found,” explains the paper.

What is unknown is whether the councillor in charge of Urban Planning was involved in the escapade, or whether the tryst involved only “specially authorised members of staff”.

Certainly workers in general at the convent have been ruffled by the news, which they complain is reverberating on all of them.

But while JN makes much of the inquiry said to be ongoing, CM quotes Braga’s deputy mayor Firmino Marques saying “we cannot investigate cases of which we have not been informed”.

As the silly season takes hold, we may get more details of the alleged summertime exploits of Braga council workers.

The story comes not long since a Lisbon court was the centre of similar ‘scandal’ involving two judges married to other partners whose “kissing in an elevator” led to on-the-premises copulation of “the most varied natures” (click here Judges’ “wild sex in chambers” dossier makes eye-popping reading in Lisbon)

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