Severed head discovered on beach: police now have an identity

Judicial police investigating the gruesome discovery of the severed head of a woman found in a plastic bag on a Matosinhos beach last month now know who the victim was.

Say reports today, there are no suspects ‘in the frame’ yet but the discovery is being treated as a murder.

Detectives believe the woman – described only as a ‘foreigner’ – was killed in a ‘crime of passion’.

She “had no connection to prostitution”, writes tabloid Correio da Manhã today, and there is still no conclusion as to how she ‘came to be decapitated’.

Despite the advances made, police have yet to ‘locate’ the rest of the dead woman’s body.

Says the paper, they are ‘going through the victim’s recent past with a fine toothed comb’.

Family members have been informed of the discovery while complementary forensic tests have been performed – results of which may yield further information.

The horrible discovery was made on March 7, near a rubbish bin on Praia do Óscar, in Leça da Palmeira (click here).

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