Seven-year-old boy and British pensioner among fatal victims of A22 crash

Seven-year-old boy and British pensioner among fatal victims of A22 crash

A seven-year-old boy and a 56-year-old woman from Loulé and an 83-year-old British woman have been identified as the victims of the fatal crash accident on the Via do Infante (A22) motorway near the Boliqueime service station on Tuesday afternoon (December 3).

Eight other people were injured including a two-year-old French boy who sustained serious injuries, according to a GNR police source.

Five others – including a nine-month-old baby girl, a three-year-old boy, a 58-year-old Portuguese man, an 84-year-old British man and a 28-year-old Brazilian woman – sustained minor injuries and were taken to Faro Hospital, while two people refused to be taken to the hospital.

Authorities were alerted to the accident at 3.43pm.

A man who drove by the site of the accident just moments before it occurred told national tabloid Correio da Manhã that three vehicles were stopped in one of the motorway’s two lanes. A fourth vehicle is believed to have crashed into the others.

“When I drove by, I thought right away that the situation could lead to an accident,” he told CM, adding that the crash happened just moments later and that he was still able to see it through his car’s rear-view mirror.

CM adds that there is no sign that there had been an accident that had forced the three vehicles to be stopped on the road.

One of the vehicles involved in the crash was a PSP police car which was travelling from Lagos to Faro. The agent who was driving the vehicle sustained minor injuries.

Another vehicle involved was a van from an airport transfer company, although police have not been able to confirm yet if it was transporting passengers at the time.

The victims of the accident were in two separate vehicles and one of them had to be extricated, CM reports.

A total of 35 members from the Albufeira, Loulé and São Bartolomeu de Messines fire stations, Portuguese Red Cross, INEM, GNR and the motorway concession company were at the scene, assisted by 17 vehicles.

Traffic was cut off on the stretch of road between Boliqueime and Loulé, causing long queues.