Seven people remanded in custody after major drug bust in Portimão

Seven of the 10 men who were arrested during a major drug bust in Portimão this week (click here) have been remanded in custody by Portimão Court, while another has been placed under house arrest and two others have walked free.

As the Resident reported, the men were arrested when police swooped in on a group of 10 men who were loading 59 packages of hashish, weighing around two tonnes, into several vehicles at Portimão’s Praia do Alemão beach.

PJ police in the Algarve said they have dealt a “strong blow” to the region’s drug trafficking underworld, with regional PJ chief António Madureira telling reporters that the investigation will continue in order to “uncover the extent of the criminal activity”.

According to Madureira, police forces had been investigating this drug trafficking operation for “around one year and a half”.

He explained that Portugal was likely a “stopover” for the drugs which may have been en route elsewhere.

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