Seven different ways to save energy

Seven partners have joined forces at Sustainable Superstore in Almancil to provide energy-saving services and products.
House renovations and new build, solar power, hot water systems, led lights, insulations, water saving concepts … you name it. It is all under one roof.


LED lights can be up to 95% more efficient than traditional lighting. Fluorescent and incandescent lights convert 95% of energy into heat and only 5% into light whereas LED lights convert 95% of energy into light and only 5% is converted into heat! So, there is less wattage needed and it produces less heat which means in summer you need less usage of air-conditioning for example.

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Landscape architect Marta Almeida

Natural landscapes produce their own energy. Just by being there, you can reboot your body and soul. But gardens also need an input of energy and we should make use of their resources (water, land, autochthones plants) and eco-recyclable potential. By choosing the best techniques and elements, gardens will need less water, less maintenance and will last longer.

Marta Almeida,
Landscape Architect
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Imagine: the petrol industry produces a plastic bottle that is then transported to the spring water factory. Several processes take place before that bottle of water is available at a supermarket shelf. When empty, it’s collected for recycling.

This single bottle is transformed into used plastic for different other purposes. Now imagine that you can produce your own bottled water in your kitchen!

You save energy every time you drink a glass of water.

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Solartec Algarve

Make the most of the sun!

Installing solar solutions for producing hot water and electricity makes perfect sense here in Portugal with over 300 days a year of sunshine. There are cost-saving benefits to move from gas or oil to solar or heat-pump technology. We also supply and install underfloor heating, central heating and pool heating.

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MPB Services

We offer energy saving concepts by utilising materials and emerging technologies to achieve energy efficient buildings.

Hi-tech insulation solutions – our innovative 35mm multifoil insulation system is made from advanced thermal, airtight and vapour-resistant material.

Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) solutions – MVHR units provide a balanced ventilation system that both supplies and extracts air.

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Drymat Portugal

A German invention introduced in Portugal eight years ago has been solving severe rising damp problems in many houses.

The small box releases magnetic pulses which change the polarity of the water molecules in the walls, drawing them underneath the foundation. Rising damp will never return and dehumidifiers will no longer be needed. A dry house also needs much less heating, thus leading to energy saving.

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Dr. No Mosquito

Mosquitoes can be lethal to humans, killing or harming more than 1,000,000 people a year.

At Dr. No Mosquito, we have professional traps to catch and kill mosquitoes without using pesticides. This accomplishment was reached after 16 years of research and testing on the field. Our traps are used all over the world by scientists working in prevention.

We protect your gardens, terraces, restaurants, hotels and resorts from Mosquitoes 24/7.

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The Sustainable Superstore is open Monday to Friday from 10am to 5pm on Avenida Duarte Pacheco, Lote 60 B.