Seven beaches replenished with sand to avoid cliff collapses

Seven Algarve beaches will be receiving sand this summer, at a total cost of €2.1 million. The move is fraught with uncertainty however, as it still has to be given the go-ahead by the Court of Auditors and Portuguese environmental agency APA is not sure when it will start.
Plans are for June – in order to avoid the busiest time of the year – but if this isn’t logistically possible, it may have to wait until September, or even later.
Once work starts, each beach will have to be closed for at least two weeks. The beaches involved are Praia do Carvoeiro, Benagil, Nova and Cova Redonda in Lagoa, Praia do Castelo and Coelha in Albufeira, and Praia D.Ana in Lagos.
APA’s plans are to increase the distance between the sea and the cliffs, in order to reduce the impact of waves on cliff faces and thus decrease the likelihood of collapses.
The move is also designed to increase the size of beaches, says APA’s regional director Sebastião Teixeira, as this will give beachgoers less reason to huddle under cliffs.
A tender is currently underway and once approved will still require to be issued with the necessary licences.