Seven arrested as police deal “major blow” to Portimão drug scene

Seven people were arrested and a large stash of drugs was confiscated in a mega police operation carried out Monday (September 19) in Portimão’s troublesome Cruz da Parteira neighbourhood.

National tabloid Correio da Manhã says a large PSP police force “surrounded” the area at 5am to search 11 houses. Another home was also searched in Quarteira as part of the same operation.

The paper adds that “600 doses of hashish, 85 doses of heroin, 160 grams of MDMA (the active substance of ecstasy), 191 grams of cannabis, two non-firearm weapons, an illegal loaded gun, and three scales” were seized by police agents.
Also confiscated were “24 cell phones, two tablets, around €2,150 in cash” and other items linked to drug dealing.

The operation followed an “eight-month investigation”.

According to CM, PSP police believe they have dealt a “major blow” to drug dealing activity in Portimão.

The detained were four men and three women aged between 20 and 40, who have already started being heard by authorities, the paper adds.

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