Sesimbra pupils “without Maths since September”

It sounds like the answer to every child’s dreams – but the truth is “school without Maths” brings its own set of problems.

In Sesimbra, over 100 pupils are now fed up with the fact that they’re spared the trials and tribulations of weekly maths classes since school began in September.

The 6th year pupils, for example (three classes full of them) have to do an exam at the end of the year, and are now wondering how on earth they will manage to cover the syllabus in time.

Six weeks have passed. Christmas holidays are looming and the school’s “agrupamento” (education authority) still says its “hands are tied”.

It is waiting for a teacher to be supplied by the education ministry, which itself affirms that it is “developing” the necessary “procedures with maximum speed”.

The mathematical lacuna stems from the fact that the original teacher, appointed to the post by the education ministry, was “at the end of her pregnancy and never gave any classes”, writes Correio da Manhã.

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