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Servilusa providing  professional funeral services

Servilusa provide funeral services to the Algarve and to the rest of Portugal, with shops across the country.

It carries out around 5,000 funerals every year and offers a service that is renowned throughout Portugal.

Vanda Castro, from Servilusa’s International Department, said: “All of the services that Servilusa has to offer are carried out on behalf of the client, ensuring total satisfaction.”

The company has united with Mèmora, Spain’s largest funeral company, which has meant the companies together carry out thousands of funerals in Spain and Portugal each year.

Vanda Castro said: “At Servilusa we provide a professional service, including exclusive vehicles, professional personnel, catering service, obtaining of all of the necessary documents and the publication of the announcement of the death.”

Servilusa also provide a florist service for clients. “Servilusa is able to supply natural flowers in the best conditions,” Vanda Castro said. “We have a catalogue with a choice of flowers so that making the decision of what flowers to have is a quick and practical decision. “

The company has taken into consideration the growth of expatriates living in Portugal and has therefore created a department for an international service with specialised employees who speak various languages including English, French, German and Spanish.

For more information, please visit their website, available in Portuguese only, at or call 800 204 222.