Service ready for Euro 2004

According to the president of the National Fire and Civil Protection Service (SNBPC), Major-General Paiva Monteiro, his force is fully prepared for this June’s European football championship. Speaking at a Loulé seminar on civil protection, Monteiro assured his audience that preparations were well advanced. “We have participated in Euro 2004 right from the beginning, since the inception of the new stadium project, and we have supervised and monitored its construction throughout. There has never been a game in any stadium without a prior inspection from us to ensure everything was in order, and also make stipulations regarding certain areas that should not be used.”

Major-General Monteiro also said he was carrying out an inventory of equipment at the fire service’s disposal, in the event of any emergency occurring during the competition: “Of course, in an ideal scenario, we could use more equipment, but what we have will enable us to address any challenge,” he said. Monteiro also said firefighters were being sent on special courses to equip them for any eventuality arising from Euro 2004. In a separate development, he also said that he would shortly be presenting new proposals to the government, seeking a redefinition of the service’s obligations because its duties “need to be clarified”.