Serial arsonist suspected of setting light to kennels where dozens of animals died

A serial arsonist is believed to have been behind the terrible blaze that torched dozens of dogs and cats in a rundown shelter in Santo Tirso, Valongo, last month (click here).

The man, described as a 29-year-old electrician, will be appearing in court later today after having been caught “starting yet another fire”, writes Correio da Manhã.

According to other reports, he is suspected of having started as many as 30 fires this year in the Sobrado-Valongo-Baltar areas.

Norberto Martins, director of the PJ (judicial police) of the north told reporters: “We’re convinced it was him who did it” (he was referring to the kennel blaze specifically) “but there are still a few more details to substantiate”.

The suspect was arrested by the PJ two years ago, for arson – and ‘referenced’ (as an arsonist) last year. Yet this doesn’t appear to have stopped him going on a trail of destruction.

Says CM, he “drove erratically, day and night in his own car on forest tracks and down one-way streets. He started fires in forest areas near homes and businesses, sometimes on the same day – leading to the need for huge reinforcement of firefighters”.

The Santo Tirso fire developed from a fire which started in Valongo and travelled to the neighbouring borough.

It is believed the electrician started all the fires with “the repetitive use of a cigarette lighter”.

Update: The electrician has been remanded into preventive custody. He is facing charges of having caused as many as 30 fires.


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