Oliver Antic (left) taking part in an official reception in Portugal with President Marcelo

Serbian ambassador drowns at Boca do Inferno (Mouth of Hell), Cascais

Serbian ambassador Oliver Antic has died today, apparently drowned, at the notorious beauty spot ‘Boca do Inferno’ (Mouth of Hell) off the Cascais boardwalk.

It’s not clear how the accident happened.

Cause of death has been given by various reports as ‘drowning’, although the ambassador was said to be alive when he was pulled out of the water.

According to a report by Correio da Manhã, the ambassador was in a car, being driven, when he told the driver to stop at the top of the cliff.

He then “threw himself off”, writes the paper.

Other news sources contain themselves to saying “causes of this accident are still to clarify”.

The alert to the tragedy was called in by “members of Mr Antic’s diplomatic team”, reports SIC television news, shortly after 1.20pm.

INEM operatives and life savers with the national maritime authority, attended, along with police and firefighters.

Mr Antic was recovered from the water by maritime police and local firefighters, and immediately transported by boat to Cascais marina.

Boca do Inferno gets its name from the massive crack that it is in the cliffs, constantly pounded by the sea. It is not a place where anyone would think of swimming. Indeed, in the past it has been the scene of many tragedies.

For now the Serbian ministry of foreign affairs has simply confirmed Mr Antic’s death, “as a result of an accident”, describing his “professionalism and dedication” as well as his contribution to “improving relations between Serbia and Portugal”.

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