Milosevic burial

SLOBODAN MILOSEVIC’S son accused Serbian authorities of blocking his father’s burial in the country earlier this week. Marko Milosevic arrived at The Hague on Tuesday to collect his father’s body, saying he wanted a funeral in Moscow. The former Yugoslav leader died in his prison cell at The Hague aged 64 on March 11 of a heart attack. Serbian President, Boris Tadic, said it was up to the family to decide where the burial should be held.

However, Milosevic’s death appears to have divided his close-knit family. His widow, Mirjana, and son, Marko, have said they want the late president to be buried in Russia, where they have been based for several years. But his daughter Marija is insisting that her father should be laid to rest in the family’s ancestral home, in the small settlement of Lijeva Reka, Montenegro.