Serafina sculptures

news: Serafina sculptures

A public exhibition of sculptures in the Serafina Park in the woodlands of Monsanto, near Lisbon, opened recently featuring the work of five young students from the University of Lisbon’s College of Fine Arts.

The sculptures were produced with a common starting point – the body – and it is fascinating to see the individual interpretations of the theme by each of the sculptors – Sérgio Kings, Luís Alfonso, Leonor Pigo, Raquel de Melo Silva and Peter Saucers. Much creative workmanship has gone into the sculptures, which range from men in thought, to an ‘iron woman’ that represents ‘all the women of iron who are part of our modern society’ and ‘three feminine figures, without a definite age’.

If you have not yet visited this area of Lisbon, with its large children’s playground and excellent picnic facilities, now is a good time to go. BH