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Separate environment from energy, environmentalists plea

PM’s separation of housing and infrastructures is ‘opportunity for wider change’

Environmental association ZERO has leapt on the prime minister’s decision to separate the ministry of infrastructures and housing to call for the same treatment for the ministry of environment and climate action.

“”The departure of João Galamba as infrastructure minister should not be a missed opportunity for a more profound reshuffle of the ministry of environment in order to accelerate the challenges of climate neutrality and sustainability,” says the association in a statement today.

Says Lusa, ZERO believes that removing Galamba’s former post (Secretary of State for the environment and energy) could avoid the “excess of political, decision-making matters and conflicting powers”.

“The various dossiers show that (environment and energy) was a junction that resulted in an incapacity of the current team to give a timely response to several urgent implementation dossiers, mainly in the area of the environment, including issues such as waste, air quality, noise, environmental impact assessment, among others,” explains the association.

Also in the area of energy, challenges such as the national strategy to combat energy poverty, the implementation of energy saving measures, the selection and adequate monitoring of the numerous renewable projects and the development of hydrogen production, show that it is impossible for the ministry for the environment and climate action to respond within this organisational framework.

ZERO also warned that there are “many clearly conflicting matters that require a balance between two State secretariats as before, particularly with regard to the conciliation of environmental impact aspects with the construction of new renewable electricity production infrastructures”.

This government merged the secretariats only this year (nine months ago) – and ZERO spokes out against the decision at the time.

The new ministers are to be sworn in to their roles tomorrow evening, at which time it may become clear which replacements have been chosen for the roles they will be vacating.