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Sensible heating solutions from Sensiheat

Sensiheat is the Algarve’s specialist if you are looking for electric radiators and towel rails which are economical to run. So if you are looking for lower energy consumption to save money on ever increasing bills, now is the time to start looking at new options in the market place. And you can find these options at this year’s BLiP exhibition.

Sensiheat have three ranges of electric radiators ranging from 600w up to 2kw. Not sure what the best option is for you? Sensiheat will provide a free no obligation thermal study of your property or individual rooms and will give you an approximate running cost.

As an example: A 2kw radiator; maintaining 18-19 degrees throughout the year; using Bi-hourly tariff as the supply; monthly cost would be only 0.72€ for constant comfort (taking into account the summer months when not in use).

The radiators (unlike any others) work on irradiation and will keep the whole room from floor to ceiling with only one degree of difference. The radiators have a thermostat built in that checks the room temperature every 42 seconds so ensuring that the room is not allowed to cool. The radiators can be operated manually or can be fully programmable with an infra-red remote control.

Sensiheat has been set up by Denny and Jane Bird, owners of M2M Blinds, with one thought in mind: pay a little more for a superior product, which in turn will pay for itself over a period of time and save money forever.

Contact Sensiheat for a free thermal study or you can see them at the Blip exhibition, stand 169 where they will have their samples on show.

Tel: 286 516 751 Mob: 936 861 838, email [email protected] or visit