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Senior tennis success in Carvoeiro

Carvoeiro Clube de Ténis hosted the well-known Sovereign prize-money tournament for seniors in the weekend of August 22.

The club received a lot of registrations for the men’s draws, the majority of which were players with good national rankings and many of them belonging to the top 10.

“It was a pity that it was not possible to include a ladies draw because there were not enough registrations. Where are all the ladies?” said organisers.

Particularly exciting matches were played between Jorge Challupa and António Moita, João Pacheco and Marc Van Dalem and Woody and Nuno Pacheco.

Along with the singles matches, a doubles draw was also included in the tournament this year with many players participating.


Age group    Winner(s)                                               Runner(s)-up

SM 45+   Francisco Rocha (CT Évora)                     Jorge Varela (ATEB)

SM 50+   Sergio Aragão (CT Porto)                        José A Pereira (CT Paços Brandão)

SM 55+   Ferreira da Costa (CT Guimarães)           Fernando Caiado (ANAG)

PM 45+   Vítor Pereira (CT Porto)                          José A Pereira (CT Paços Brandão)

               + Sergio Aragão (CT Porto)                       + Mário Almeida (Lisboa RC)