Senior living survey aimed at Algarve pensioners launched online

A new survey aimed at senior citizens living in the Algarve or considering moving to the region has been launched online this week by international research company ProMatura and Algarve-based hospitality real estate development planning company ILM.

The ‘Algarve Senior Living Survey’ was announced last week and aims to help private investors better understand what older citizens want and need in their later years. It is anonymous and findings will be shared with governments and other key stakeholders.

The survey features between 50 and 60 questions and takes around 40 minutes to complete. It is part of a multi-country direct consumer market research programme comparing behaviour, motives, trends and product and service demand characteristics for seniors considering their later life needs in the UK, USA, Australia, Canada and Portugal-Algarve.

“We have spent over 10 years supporting residents in a host of different ways and think it important residents’ voices are heard in a new international survey about healthy retirement living. Completing the survey will help contribute your views to help inform decisions about infrastructure, property, lifestyle and care services in the Algarve,” the creators of the study say.

“There are simply no wrong answers to this survey, just your honest opinion on what is genuinely important to you,” they say.

Last week, the Resident spoke to Peter Robinson from ProMatura Europe to better understand why the Algarve has been chosen as the site for this survey.

“I’ve been to the Algarve many times. I know the landscape as well as several resort owners and I know that the Algarve has always wanted to become the ‘Florida of Europe’ but has never quite got there,” he told us.

However, with the findings from the survey, “key stakeholders will better understand consumer mentalities”, Robinson said, adding that they will be equipped with the knowledge to cater to their needs.

“The survey asks people to be realistic about their living options, how they live now and how they see themselves living in the future,” he explained.

If all goes according to plan, Peter Robinson believes that the survey could help “unleash the Algarve’s potential” as a retirement destination.

And as he pointed out, “taking the survey may also help people prepare themselves for their future needs.”

Meanwhile, survey participants completing the survey will be invited to attend a webinar hosted by Peter Robinson as well as Portugal Partner, Andrew Coutts. The webinar will provide the key findings of the survey and focus on the senior living experience which the survey concludes the Algarve market is seeking.

The survey is sponsored by Quinta dos Santos Winery, Vale d’Oliveiras Resort, Clube Nau, Benamor Golf, Proactivetur and HPA, all of which will be contributing to the prize draw which those who complete the survey will be eligible for.

The survey can be completed at the following link:

[email protected]