Send a kid to camp

By Nita Barroca

Created 19 years ago, Project New Discoveries (PND) is an Algarve-based, non-profit association, whose main goal is to help underprivileged children and youngsters by promoting our core value – integration.

Inspired by a charity campaign called ‘Send a Kid to Camp’, which was launchedmore than 100 years ago by the Canadian newspaper The Star, we are now starting off a similar initiative through the Algarve Resident.

Our goal is to get more volunteers and the financial support we need to help disadvantaged children, teenagers and families by sending as many children and PND members to our camps, workshops and activities.

How do we intend to do this? Every fortnight we will bring you the story of one of our kids or members. We will tell you their dreams and we will be relying on your help and donations to make them come true.

We’re extremely proud to have always welcomed those who wanted to take part in our activities, particularly when they couldn’t afford it, but Portugal is going through some difficult times and many parents are struggling to make ends meet. The activities provided by our association are crucial to families during these challenging times, as we offer affordable, safe and educational activities for the children of our community.

We organise several activities throughout the year, such as residential and nonresidential summer camps, environmental education, school support services, arts and crafts, gardening, biking, athletics and dancing, which take place in our office in Burgau, near Lagos, and at our camp site at the Vale da Lama organic farm.

In keeping with our philosophy, we’ve helped hundreds of children and families, and brought the Portuguese and foreign communities closer together by hosting events that celebrate what matters the most to us all – our children.

One such event will take place on February 11 and 12, as our members celebrate Carnival by organising several activities in Burgau. Everyone is invited to celebrate Carnival with us and see, first-hand, what we’re all about!

You can provide underprivileged children with a once-in-a-lifetime experience through integration and education in a fun and safe environment – an expense their families could not normally afford.

PND needs your support, either through donations or volunteer work.

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