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Seize the real estate opportunities in Algarve with Your Property Advisor by your side

With its unique geography and vast property options, navigating the Algarve’s real estate market can feel overwhelming.

Add to that the fierce competition with over 650 real estate agencies and nearly 2,000 estate agents in the region. But fear not! Your Property Advisor is here to make your property purchase a breeze. As your trusted partner, they will help you through every step of the process, ensuring a seamless and successful experience.

Your Property Advisor is a Portuguese buyers’ agency exclusively representing buyers and their interests. What sets them apart is their commitment to avoiding any conflicts of interest. Unlike traditional agencies, they don’t have a real estate portfolio. This unique approach empowers the property advisors to source the entire market, handpicking the best properties that align perfectly with client’s preferences.

Their aim is to save buyers time, effort, and money by acting as a single point of contact throughout the entire process. From house hunting to closing the deal, they will negotiate the best conditions on your behalf.

With a track record of saving clients €3 million during property negotiations in Lisbon and Cascais, the team has established themselves as experts in the field. Now, it’s time to take the services to the Algarve region. Introducing Ana Santos, a property advisor who will lead the expansion efforts. With her extensive knowledge and expertise, they’re ready to make waves in the Algarve and continue delivering unparalleled results for their valued clients.

Photo: Michael Faísca
Photo: Michael Faísca

“The high demand for real estate in the Algarve has created a competitive market, but whether you prefer traditional homes or contemporary villas in a traditional, modern or luxurious setting, there are options to suit every preference!

“In the west, Sagres is a surfer’s paradise, Vila do Bispo appeals to young families, and Carvoeiro offers a luxurious experience. The central region provides convenient access to Lisbon and to Faro airport, with high demand for mountain villas and beachfront properties.

“Quinta do Lago is an exclusive golf destination, while charming villages like Boliqueime and Estoi offer tranquillity and scenic views for digital nomads. In the east, traditional areas like Tavira and Olhão provide relaxing white sand beaches for retirees. The Algarve offers something for everyone, making it a matter of personal choice.” Ana explains.

If you are interested in investing, retiring or working remotely, the Algarve could be an option. There is still time to apply to Golden Visas since the programme is still open for now and the non-habitual resident tax scheme is also a good option that allows foreign residents to benefit from advantageous tax breaks for a period of 10 years.

Your Property Advisor protects the buyer’s interests, negotiates the best price, and ensures a smooth purchasing process, while providing clients with valuable insights and relevant information about the local area, allowing them to make well-informed decisions.

Claim your free 30-min consultation today on the website or reach out to +351 911 755 200 and find out the best area in the Algarve to suit your needs!

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