Bristish Embassy in Lisbon
Brits in Portugal get some 'good news' from SEF

SEF opens new door for UK nationals and family members

Official portal extends to 3rd country family members who previously held EU residence

UK nationals with new residence cards started receiving emails this week from SEF (borders and immigration agency) informing them they can start registering family members from 3rd countries who “previously held an EU residence document”.

The development means these family members can also get an updated biometric card, and finally be able to enjoy all the rights under the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement.

As a source from the British Embassy in Lisbon explains: “The email from SEF is actually good news. 

“The first part is to say that where a British national, who has already obtained their new Withdrawal Agreement residence card, and is living in Portugal with a relative/ family member from a Third Country (for example South Africa, Morocco, Turkey) who, as the relative/ spouse of a British national, already held an old EU family member residence document from before the UK’s withdrawal, that person can now be registered on the SEF site to obtain a new Withdrawal Agreement residency card of their own, replacing their old EU one”.

If that leaves readers slightly swivel-eyed, the Brits in Portugal Facebook page, run by the embassy, carries a SEF video that explains the situation, without sound.

“Once your family member is registered, you will receive an email to your registered email address, inviting your family member to book an appointment and provide their biometric data. They will then be able to complete the process to obtain the Withdrawal Agreement residence card”.

The email also refers to family members who did not have an EU Residency document issued to them as a family member, and for those people “the process is still pending completion”.

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