SEF inspector on trial for sexual exploitation of children

SEF inspector on trial for sexual exploitation of children

In another case involving the government’s border police authority SEF, the PJ has instigated proceedings against former inspector Miguel Carreira, and another colleague still working at SEF, for a number of crimes involving the sexual exploitation of children.

According to press reports, the case now being heard at Leiria court involves two crimes of child sex abuse, nine of child pornography and 19 of intrusions into private lives.

It is alleged that Carreira and his female colleague “filmed women and children inside the changing rooms of Vieira de Leiria’s municipal swimming pool”.

Carreira – who left SEF to work as a swimming coach for the local under-14 girls swimming team – is further charged with having exchanged “no less than 1,200” insinuative text messages “proposing a loving relationship” with a 13-year-old girl.

The court has heard how Carreira “asked the girl for photos of her naked, and in a bikini, and got them”.

The PJ is also understood to have found in Carreira’s possession “images and videos of minors in pornographic poses”.

Elsewhere, a gypsy family went on trial this week in Aveiro charged with aggravated sexual abuse of a 12-year-old girl after having agreed to her marriage to a 16-year-old youth.

According to the Public Prosecutor, the girl was married in 2012 and the union consummated. The girl’s family are understood to be denying this – and as Público points out, the girl – now 15 – has since gone missing and no-one appears to know of her whereabouts.

The case came to be after a complaint was registered by the girl’s school.