Lisbon airport

SEF arrests ‘false doctors attending fictitious conference’

… and ‘faciliator’ believed to be aiding illegal immigration

SEF inspectors at Lisbon’s Humberto Delgado airport have today arrested a man believed to have been involved in aiding illegal immigration into Portugal for at least a year, as well as four ‘false doctors’, allegedly travelling to a fictitious medical conference.

The ‘false doctors’ – presenting bogus diplomatic passports (purportedly in the service of the Democratic Republic of São Tomé e Principe) – were refused entry onto national territory and should be returned soon to their countries of origin, say reports.

But the man suspected of being involved in their immigration was presented before a magistrate. His passport has been apprehended; he has to report twice monthly to authorities and he is forbidden from leaving the country.

Says Lusa, inspectors realised the 52-year-old São Tomé citizen is wanted over five criminal cases related to thefts in Portugal – one of which carries an arrest warrant.

He is equally suspected of having “dedicated himself to facilitating the illegal entry of more than 20 foreign citizens into this country over the last year”.

SEF’s border guards today ‘apprehended’ “various objects related to this illicit practice , namely the fraudulent documentation initially presented” when he suggested the four ‘doctors’ were on a diplomatic mission, and subsequently a further document.

On the basis that this is a man who appears to know how to arrange faked documents, it remains to be seen if he really does stay in this country as ordered.

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