Seduced by Anna Calvi

English musician Anna Calvi will be in Portugal for two concerts on September 12 at Hard Club in Porto and on September 13 at Discoteca Lux, Lisbon.

Her self-titled debut album was released in January and entered the official UK charts at number 40 and has achieved great success across Europe.

Anna Calvi is known for her intense guitar playing and seductive live performance. She has said that she tries to create the sounds of other instruments through her guitar, and is noted for her particular style of playing which involves hitting the strings in a circular motion, rather than strumming up and down.

Following her album release show at Hoxton Hall in London, Calvi won over critics with her “performance of superb self-possession and dramatic timing”.

The Independent called her a “strumming seductress” who was “born to be heard in person” playing “with every ounce of passion”.

She has been compared to other female singers such as PJ Harvey and Siouxsie.

Her style has been described as dark, romantic, atmospheric pop.

Tickets are available to buy at www.ticketline.pt.