Security scam

Dear Editor

Having just read your article on the security scam. I can assure you that the female in question has not been removed from the call centre as I received a call at 7pm on November 17.

She had a very loud voice and a broad accent which I found difficult to understand, but it was the same sales patter as you have stated in your article.

I tried to tell her that I had not heard of any crime in my area and besides I had two big dogs, which would put most people off.

She was extremely pushy even when I told her that I had just spent my budget on a refurbishment and did not have additional funds to spend on further expenses.

She still pushed to come to the property to give a free estimate. I finally put the phone down on her. Her call was from an unknown caller.

I just felt that you should be made aware that these calls are still continuing.


Editor’s note: Dear Reader, thank you for letting us know. Since our article last week, would other readers please let me know if they have been contacted by the company? Please email [email protected]