Security is a serious matter

Dear Editor,

I would like to comment about the article Stopping the Burglars (Algarve Resident April 16)

The opening paragraph states that “burglar alarms and security

lighting are effectively worthless when your home is the target of organised criminals”.

As a security consultant, let me state that such a misleading statement is scaremongering and does not serve your readers well.

If the alarm system was so called ‘state of the art’ and was set, as the unfortunate home owner says, then the alarm would have gone offand alerted the owners to the intruder.

If intruders are allowed to pass freely through a house and be able to remove the television, car keys, etc then I would suggest that the alarm system is incorrectly and/or poorly installed and the owners improperly advised on their security.

If these particular owners had received proper professional security advice they would not now be victims.

Security is a serious matter and is not helped by flippant headline grabbing statements.

You would serve your readers better by telling them that they should always get proper advice from professional, trustworthy companies.

Incorrectly or poorly installed alarms, however ‘state of the art’ they might be, are not effective.

Alan Tapley