Security guard suspended after brutally attacking man at Albufeira nightclub

A security guard who was caught on camera brutally attacking a man at an Albufeira nightclub (click here) earlier this month has been suspended.

The decision, which is effective immediately, was made by the Deputy Secretary of State for Internal Administration and announced by PSP police on Wednesday.

The man is prohibited from working as a security guard or a doorman, with the exception of “very specific situations” such as those that do not involve contact with the public.

PSP police have also revealed that an “extraordinary inspection” of the private security companies that operate at the Club Vida nightclub was carried out, which helped establish the relationship between the private security company involved and the nightclub, as well as the identity of the security guard.

The incident, which took place on October 3, was caught on camera, with footage showing the security guard and another man talking, apparently amicably, until the former begins to punch him.

The attacker then proceeds to punch and kick the man several times while he is on the ground, in full view of other clients and at least two other security guards, who did not intervene.

The attacks continued until two GNR officers arrived at the scene to confront the security guard.

Club Vida reacted saying the security guard was at the nightclub as a client and did not work for the company.

Meanwhile, the victim has taken to Instagram to tell his side of the story.

“I was at the establishment as a client. I did not know the security guard. He asked me where I was from and if I had been a kickboxer; in other words, (he) was supposedly someone who had recognised me,” wrote André Barbosa, a barman from the north of Portugal who works seasonally in the Algarve.

The conversation apparently took a wrong turn when the security guard assumed that Barbosa was from Lisbon, after which the man explained that he was from Porto.
“He pretended that everything was fine, but then suddenly started attacking (me),” he said, calling for “real measures” to prevent these situations from happening again.

“I will do everything to ensure this case serves as an example to other people, so that they think twice before attacking others in future.”

Both PSP and GNR police have confirmed that the case is under investigation.

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