Security guard caught on camera brutally attacking man at Albufeira nightclub

An investigation has been launched into the shocking footage of a security guard brutally attacking a client at an Albufeira nightclub in the early hours of October 3.

The attack happened inside the Club Vida disco and was captured on film by the establishment’s CCTV cameras.

The nightclub has put out a statement saying that the security guard “does not work” and “has never worked” for Club Vida and was there as a “client”.

The distressing footage shows the security guard and another man talking, apparently amicably, until the former begins to punch him. The attacker then proceeds to punch and kick the man several times while he is on the ground, in full view of other clients and at least two other security guards, who did not intervene.

The attacks continued until two GNR officers arrived at the scene to confront the security guard, the footage shows.

The GNR have confirmed that the incident was “reported to the relevant court” and that the two men were identified. The victim was offered medical assistance but refused it, the GNR told Lusa news agency.

Meanwhile, the nightclub has denied “any working relationship” with the security guard.

“The man behind the attack works as a security guard. However, he does not have, nor has he ever had, any working relationship with Club Vida,” the establishment said.

“He is a security guard at one of the bars on Rua da Oura and was at Club Vida as a client,” it said, adding that the victim works for another establishment owned by the same group that owns Club Vida.

The nightclub adds that the owner of Club Vida who, “despite being away from the country”, has been in direct contact with the victim.

The statement was posted on the nightclub’s social media pages and was criticised by several people, who questioned why the other security guards did nothing to stop the attack. They also ask why the man was wearing the same outfit as Club Vida’s security guards if he did not work for the nightclub, as its management says.