Security forces to be trained to spot ‘signs of radicalisation’ in Portugal

Minister for Internal Administration Constança Urbano de Sousa has opened a groundbreaking new course designed to train security forces “to detect signs of radicalisation” – particularly in prisons.

The course is innovating, she explained, because it is “very holistic and shared”.

Besides regular police forces (PSP/ GNR/ SEF), it is open to Customs authorities and prison guards “so that there can be a kind of common matrix of training in operatives”.

Urbano de Sousa presented the “Shared and common course on prevention and combat of terrorism and radicalisation” in the company of Justice Minister Francisca Van Dunem and secretary general of Portugal’s SIS (System of Internal Security) Helena Fazenda, taking the occasion to reiterate that Portugal’s terror threat remains pegged at “moderate”.