Security beefed up at Praia da Rocha after late-night violence

Security beefed up at Praia da Rocha after late-night violence

Council promises “more drastic measures if needed”

Portimão Council has announced that security is being beefed up at the town’s nightlife spot Praia da Rocha after at least two incidents of late-night violence. CCTV cameras and a stronger police presence are the main measures being implemented, and more “drastic measures” are promised “if needed”.

The most recent incident happened outside Aloha bar at Praia da Rocha in the early hours of Tuesday morning when two groups of around 20 people started attacking each other.

The groups eventually directed their ire at the bar’s manager and security guard when they tried to intervene. A video recording of the incident shows several people throwing chairs and tables at the bar’s staff, as well as its glass doors.

Seven British youngsters were identified by PSP police following the incident.

Just over a week before, a similar case of late-night violence also blighted Praia da Rocha when around 20 people started attacking each other outside a nightclub, using chairs, tables, and anything they could find. At least one person had to receive medical assistance, and some were later identified as having criminal backgrounds.

The violent incidents have prompted Portimão Council to react and release a statement calling for “more security at Praia da Rocha”.

The council confirmed that a contract to install 32 CCTV cameras in several parts of Portimão, including Praia da Rocha and its main avenue (Avenida Tomás Cabreira), is due to be signed this week.

The local authority was also told by the Minister of Internal Administration that PSP police’s rapid response teams will be permanently deployed at Praia da Rocha – a move that the council says is particularly important to “guarantee public order” as more and more tourists arrive for the summer season.

The local council also called on bar and nightclub owners to “follow their opening hours scrupulously” and ensure that all alcohol sale rules are respected.

“Portimão Council is monitoring the situation closely and will take more drastic measures if necessary,” it added.

By Michael Bruxo