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Secrets of the Universe in a fairy tale story

By PAULO SILVESTRE [email protected]

Dutch writer Pauline van Wees Verhoeff, currently residing in the Algarve, is the author of The Q-ube book, which has been described as a “classic fairy-tale of the secrets of the Universe and how the magic of chess can help you find them”.

The Q-ube is about a character called Amy, who discovers a trunk in her grandfather’s attic, and then travels through it, discovering strange new worlds. Amy embarks on a series of fantastic adventures spanning both time and space, encountering en-route dragons, ghosts, spiders, keepers of pretty stones, vultures and dream-catching fairies who ask her to find the secret of the universe.

Pauline Verhoeff van Wees told the Algarve Resident: “It took me a lot of time to figure out the storyline for the book. I came out with the idea of writing a fairy-tale about the secrets of the Universe.

“In Amy’s adventures, she accidentally stops time. To restart the flow of time she has to solve 11 chess puzzles.”

Pauline van Wees Verhoeff said the book is about experiences that people have in their lives and the constant need for humans to be successful.

“When you want to win a game, you have to define a strategy. Everybody wants to win in life, everyone wants to conquer something in their life,” she said.

“The book shows the reader some very profound concepts that most might miss at first glance, however if you re-read them you will start to see what they are and where they are leading to.”

Pauline van Wees Verhoeff has already been contacted by a film producer who is interested in adapting the book for cinema. “There is also the chance that The Q-ube can be used for a TV series. I hope it will be a success anyways.” she said.

Pauline Verhoeff van Wees is currently working on a sequel to The Q-ube and what she describes as a humorous dating guide for women.

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