“Secret lover” quizzed in gruesome body-buried-in-garden murder inquiry

“Secret lover” quizzed in gruesome body-buried-in-garden murder inquiry

As 59-year-old Algarve resident Nigel Jackson faces his first full day in preventive custody suspected of murdering his 72-year-old partner Brenda Davidson, police are reported to have questioned his “mystery lover” – a Portuguese woman who moved into Jackson’s Alcalar home shortly after Brenda went missing.

According to British news sources, “there is no suggestion the woman, believed to be in her 30s, was any way involved in Brenda’s death”.

It is understood she has been questioned as a witness, writes the Mirror.

Previously, Portugal’s Diário de Notícias mentioned the woman, saying she had moved into the house that is now the focus of a gruesome murder inquiry in December.

“Identified as an alleged girlfriend, the woman who has a son and is separated from her husband, was still in residence when the GNR made their first visit to the house after an alert from Interpol,” wrote DN – adding that “since that moment, she has not been seen in the area”.

As investigations continue, Jackson faces the charge of aggravated murder – a murder “made more serious by its violent circumstances”.

Reported widely yesterday was the fact that Brenda Davidson’s badly decomposed body was found to have a series of “cuts to the neck” (see: https://www.portugalresident.com/alcalar-murder-update-british-man-arrested-as-autopsy-reveals-new-horrors).

News media gathering information from the scene also heard from friends and neighbours that Davidson had complained of “mistreatment” and her partner’s “vicious streak”.

But what has shocked the sleepy community of Alcalar, in the countryside north of Portimão, is that Jackson seemed so normal in the weeks following his partner’s death.

As café owner António André told all those who asked him, Jackson kept up his daily routine of popping in for bread and cigarettes.

“He always acted normally,” said André. “I asked after his wife one day and he said everything was fine.”

The discovery of Brenda’s body, wrapped in tarpaulin and buried under concrete, came after son Dean, believed to live in Rochester where his other siblings, twin-sisters Debi and Drynda also live, raised the alarm.

Dean is understood to have suspected foul play as he had been unable to contact his mother since November. According to Correio da Manhã, his relationship with Jackson had always been “tense”.

By NATASHA DONN [email protected]