Second union boss stages hunger strike outside Belém palace

Following February’s highly-effective hunger strike mounted outside Belém Palace by the leader of a nurses’ union, PSP syndicate boss Peixoto Rodrigues has followed suit in the name of his members, citing the government’s same “lack of response” to issues that have inflamed police for years.

Peixoto Rodrigues’ stand precedes a major demo of uniformed forces scheduled for tomorrow.

Say reports, it’s not even clear today whether police are legally-entitled to demonstrate

But demonstrate they plan to do in protest to the 12 years in which salaries and career progressions have been ‘frozen’.

Also at issue are rules governing retirement and the choice by agents to take ‘early retirement’.

In February, president of the nurses union Carlos Ramalho staged a hunger strike outside Belém Palace, in freezing conditions, designed to force the government back to the negotiations table.

It took two nights in a flimsy igloo tent, but Ramalho’s stand was successful (click here).

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