Second fisherman falls to his death in Sagres

A second fisherman has fallen to his death in the space of a few days in Sagres.

Joaquim Ferreira, 65, fell from a height of only three metres as he was fishing at Ponta da Atalaia yesterday.

He is understood to have tried swimming, but was soon overcome. According to Lusa, his body was recovered only six minutes after the fall by a tourist boat, but reanimation efforts proved fruitless.

Ferreira’s death follows the disappearance of Amândio Guerreiro, 47, on Sunday, from Torre d’Aspa, nearby.

Guerreiro, an unemployed man from Loulé, was fishing with a friend, when he suddenly ‘disppeared’ from sight. His body has still not yet been recovered.

A report in Correio da Manhã quotes his heartbroken wife as saying: “No one who falls from this spot is ever saved.”

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