Second day this week that Portugal registers zero Covid deaths

The decision to unlock the country comes just as the daily bulletins start reporting incidences where there are no deaths at all. Today is one of them. It’s the second day in less than a week that this has happened; hospital numbers remain low, Rt and transmission are falling – and the overall positive case count is now at 23,733. For a percentage in terms of national population, people testing positive for SARS-CoV-2 account for 0.2%.

These daily bulletins lack one detail that would be so easy to incorporate but is kept absolute secret: the ages of the people who are in hospital.

At the moment nationally there are 324 people in hospitals up and down the country, 89 of which are in intensive care. Of those 89, eight are in the Algarve. But as to prior medical conditions/ states of health pre-contracting Covid-19, very little is ever explained.

On the very rare occasions that a child or teen has died however, DGS health authorities have had to explain that that child was already seriously ill or with a life-limiting condition.

Thus as the majority of the country ‘unlocks’ from months of confinement, the picture in terms of serious illness is well under control. Hospitals are not under pressure. Almost all positive cases are able to recover within the comfort of their own homes.

Meantime INE statistics institute has published new data to show that the last 12 months have seen almost 99,000 jobs in Portugal ‘destroyed’.

As PCP communist leader Jerónimo Sousa warned recently the collateral damage of the way this virus has been controlled will start coming home to roost in May (click here).

For today’s bulletin in detail, which includes the incidence in all Portugal’s boroughs click here.

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