Second Algarve ATM blown up in just one week

Yet another Multibanco (ATM) machine has been blown up in the Algarve, this time in the small town of Tunes. It was the second ATM attack in the region in less than one week.

Thieves used gas to blow up the machine, stealing an undisclosed amount of money.

National tabloid Correio da Manhã explains the group of five carried out the heist on September 23 at around 5am “when the streets were empty”. They also changed the position of the CCTV camera to ensure they weren’t filmed.

The attack took “no longer than five minutes”, according to CM.

The ATM machine was the only one in Tunes, located on the side of an old Crédito Agrícola bank agency.

The ‘modus operandi’ was very similar to another ATM heist on September 17 in Montechoro, Albufeira (click here).

PJ police are investigating both attacks.