Seaweed removal begins at Carvoeiro beach

Seaweed removal begins at Carvoeiro beach

Lagoa council described the clearing work as “complex”

Masses of seaweed piling up on Carvoeiro beach is today being cleared by the local council. Machinery (excavator and truck) began removing the seaweed, which washed ashore following Storm Danielle (earlier this week), this morning.

Work to clear the hundreds of cubic metres of algae followed a thorough assessment by the Lagoa Council’s environmental department, which described the operation as “complex” and is expected to continue in the next couple of days.

According to the council, the seaweed will either be handed over to Algar, the region’s waste management company, or to the agriculture sector for use as fertilizer.


Other local beaches affected by the algae phenomenon include Vale Centeanes, Caneiros (already cleared by the beach concession), Pintadinho, Molhe and Praia da Rocha.

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