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Seasonal décor – prepare your property for the colder months


YOU CAN transform the look of your home to reflect the changing seasons, often through the use of accessories and furnishings you already own. Here are some tips on adjusting your home ready for the winter months ahead.

Fabrics: Look for scatter cushion covers, throws and rugs with texture, such as velvet, faux fur and corduroy. Besides providing an instant updated look, these additions will make your home seem warmer and more homely. Accents of darker shades of burgundy and cinnamon make a room feel comforting and add a feeling of warmth as the weather gets colder.

Throws: Have a collection of cosy, fluffy throws to place on your furniture for snuggling. Whether your choice is fleece, wool, or cashmere, luxurious throws offer a respite from cool room temperatures. Drape one across the arm of a chair or over the back of a sofa, or leave one folded on an ottoman.

Rugs: Although bare floors may be fine for the summer months, the winter calls for a floor covering to keep the feet warm and increase that feeling of cosiness. Rugs help define sitting areas and they add warmth, texture and pattern to a room. This year, the shag pile rug will continue to be very popular and, if cared for properly, will last for many years.

Low lighting: Harsh, overhead lights suck all the charm out of a room. Instead, use adjustable ceiling-mounted lights and/or lots of lamps. It’s much cosier to use several lamps, each with a low-watt bulb, than one lamp with a 100-watt bulb. Sit close to the lit fireplace, for an even cosier feel.

Fragrance: To add the scent of the season, put some autumn scented (cinnamon, apple, spice or pumpkin scent) potpourri in an attractive glass bowl or wide vase. Place a complementary candle in the centre. This makes an attractive display and adds that wonderful autumn scent to the whole room.

Beds: Beef up the warmth of a bed with extra blankets, quilts, or flannel sheets. Down duvets and fleece blankets provide luxurious warmth without weight. For instant snugness, try a mattress topper.

Plants and flowers: Don’t forget natural elements in your design scheme. If plants thrive in your room, so will you.

And remember, try not to follow trends too much, develop your own style. The most important decorating tip is to make your home as comfortable and appealing as possible for you and those you love.

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