Searches ongoing for Polish student “swallowed up by waves” at Nazaré over New Year

It has been the New Year’s ongoing mystery in Portugal: what really happened to missing Polish student Tomasz Jezierski? Did he get swallowed up by waves in Nazaré in the early hours of New Year’s morning after a night of heavy drinking with friends, or is there some other much simpler explanation that could see Tomasz reappearing when his new term starts this week?

For now, searches that have spent four days combing the sea and nearby beaches are being resumed – but only on land, in areas where maritime police think it most likely that a body would wash up, explain news services.

Three witnesses have told police that they saw “someone” disappear into the sea around half past midnight on New Year, but until a body is found, no-one can be sure if the stories are correct, and if environmental energy student Jezierski was that someone.

According to national tabloid Correio da Manhã today, a pair of shoes washed up on Nazaré beach yesterday but they were neither the size nor colour of shoes owned by the 23-year-old missing student.

Today’s searches are concentrating on beaches between Figueira da Foz and Peniche, adds CM.

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