Ingrina beach

Searches ongoing for 27-year-old American who “dived into sea” from cliffs in Algarve

Young man went missing between Barranco and Ingrina beaches, Vila do Bispo

Searches today appear still to be ongoing for the young American who reportedly dived into the sea between Barranco and Ingrina beaches, Vila do Bispo, Algarve, yesterday evening without resurfacing (see update below).

The alert was sounded around 8pm last night.

Authorities searched as much as light would allow, resuming activity early this morning.

The understanding is that the young man was walking with a companion, and then decided to dive off a cliff into the sea.

Reports today talk of the missing man “allegedly diving”.

Maritime police have already actioned psychological support for the man’s companion. Now it is simply a question of waiting for developments.

This incident happened in the context of repeated warnings to holidaymakers not to take risks in the sea, in spite of the excellent weather, as undertow and currents are still very prevalent.

UPDATE: there seems to have been confusion in the interpretation of the word for “diving” (mergulhar). It can be used in Portuguese for ‘taking a swim’, and this appears to be more along the lines of this story. The missing American is understood to have decided to swim (his idea being to climb up the cliffs from the water). When this was not possible, due to the swell, he trod water for some considerable time while his female companion rushed to find help.

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