Searches find no trace of “mystery man” who “jumped off Arade River” after dramatic car crash

Searches resumed this morning (December 7) for one of the men who allegedly jumped into the Arade River after a car crash involving a HGV that generated a massive fireball in the early hours of Saturday morning.

But after two days of searches – and in the absence of any reports of a missing person – authorities are beginning to suspect the man exists.

The story came from the owner of the Audi A6 car, himself rescued from the waters in what appeared to be in a state of inebriation, writes Correio da Manhã.

The man “presented an incoherent account” of the accident that took place on Portimão’s so called “new bridge”, stressing that he had not been driving.

The driver was a man he had met that night, he told the authorities.

All he could remember was that the man’s name was Rui and that he came from Silves.

But as no sign has been found of Rui, police are beginning to suspect that there is no Rui at all.

Meantime, the owner of the car is believed to be still in hospital, suffering from severe burns.

The driver of the HGV escaped the incident unharmed, adds CM.

Traffic was cut off for six hours as a result of the accident, which took place as the area is further hampered by extensive roadworks (click here).

For now, firemen, GNR police and maritime authorities will continue looking for ‘Rui’, but it is not certain how much longer their efforts will stay in place.