Searches continue for businessman who “fell into river” during boat trip with girlfriend

Police divers and drones active since Sunday

Searches have continued today for the 50-year-old businessman from Porto who reportedly fell into the Zêzere river during a boat trip with his 27-year-old girlfriend.

PJ police have taken over investigations, following ‘drugs’ having been found in the boat.

Very little is being explained this far. It appears the man fell into the water on Sunday evening, on the northern shore of the river, in the borough of Abrantes.

The girlfriend sounded the alarm, around 8.40pm.

Other than the existence of drugs, there has been no description of quantities, or type.

The river is wide, and full and in places up to 40-metres deep, say reports.

Police divers have this far come up with no clues. Drones also are being used in a bid to try and locate the missing man.

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