Search for missing Spanish teen expands to Portugal

With fears growing for her safety, the search for missing Spanish teen Diana Quer has this week been expanded to Portugal, France, Italy, Belgium and Switzerland.

Diário de Notícias explains that there are no leads that suggest the 19-year-old may have come here, or been brought by third party or parties, but lack of news has led association SOS Desaparecidos to widen the search themselves.

The youngster from Madrid disappeared over two weeks ago during a holiday with her mother and young sister in Galicia.

The coastal village where they were staying (A Pobra do Caramiñal) is 100 km from the border with Portugal, thus the reason for distributing the youngster’s photograph here.

On social media, the ‘buzz’ centres on whether this is another case of a disappearance being used to hide something more sinister.

For now, all that has been explained is that Diana’s mother says her daughter went missing on her way back from a party.

The pair are reported to have had an argument in the days before the party, but there are inconsistencies.

For example, DN says the clothes Diana “supposedly wore to the party have since been found at her home”.

TVI24 says Spanish police have been trying to answer “a series of questions , namely who were the last people she was with and who saw her”.

The station suggests family and friends who claim to have seen Diana after the party face being reinterviewed.

The teen was reported missing on August 22.

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