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Search and rescue

TWO GOLF events raised more than 2,000 euros for the Algarve branch of the Equipa Canina Resgate do Algarve (ECRA).

The organisation was formed as part of an initiative to encourage national teams of search and rescue dogs to assist in times of natural disasters.

The Algarve team consists of 10 handlers and 14 dogs comprising Belgian Malinois, German Shepherds, a Boxer, a Labrador, a flat coated Retriever and a Pedengo. Six are in advanced stages of training, eight are puppies. The dogs are all privately owned and the handlers are all volunteers. Vital equipment, such as slings to lower dogs from helicopters and for absailing are desperately needed.

Members of the public can join ECRA as support members, for an annual fee of 25 euros, which allows them to be spectators or even ‘victims’ on training days and to attend the training camps.

The fund-raisers, in the form of Stableford events, were held on December 13, at Balaia Golf Village and January 13 at Benamor Golf, and raised 2,060 euros for ECRA.

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