Seafront under construction

news: Seafront under construction

ANTÓNIO d’Orey Capucho, Cascais Câmara President, took the press on a tour of the constructions that are currently taking place to transform the whole length of the seafront.

Starting in Carcavelos, where you can already see new drainage going into place and works on the continuation of the walkway, journalists were taken on a fact-finding tour along the length of the seafront. Stopping at São Pedro do Estoril, we saw the foundations of what will be an information and environment centre. Nearing Cascais, you can see the newly laid pavement, improved lighting and toilet facilities, recycling points and additional seating. The project also includes the clearing of wasteland on the seafront.

Once work is complete, the re-vamped area will attract many citizens to the seafront areas of the Cascais municipality. Speaking to the Câmara President, he told us that he is very proud that his council will boast an area where visitors can relax. B.H.