Sea swamps camping park

AS PREDICTED the threat of the sea invading parts of Costa da Caparica, Setúbal, still unprotected by sea defences has become a reality.

The force of the waves broke through a makeshift barrier between the beach and Lisbon Camping Club (CCL), swamping parts of the site, engulfing tents and caravans.

Various authorities from both Civil Protection and the local Almada Câmara tried for the best part of the day on March 20, to remedy the situation despite constant warnings for months that sooner or later the sea would breach the fragile coastal defences.

The Water Institute (INAG) arrived at the beaches to the north of Costa da Caparica to repair the damage that the dawn high tide had done to the dunes and makeshift defences.

INAG also deposited large boulders in a manmade ditch in front of the camp site, while the Environment Minister, Nunes Correia said that within 15 days to one month, five million euros would be spent on reconstructing the dike and reinforcing the beach line.

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