Sea returns 4th Meco body

Sea returns 5th Meco body (UPDATE)

Another two bodies were washed up this afternoon. The only student unaccounted for now is Pedro Negrão, from Lisbon.

The sea has now returned five of the six missing students swept away by a freak wave last Sunday 15 from Praia do Meco, Sesimbra – but to add grieving parents’ pain, it was “impossible” to make positive identifications of these last.

All the authorities can say for sure is that the bodies, washed up on Sunday and Monday, are almost certainly five of the missing students from the recent tragedy. Bodies have been taken to the nearby Hospital de S. Bernardo in Setúbal for DNA identification.

The discovery, close to the beach known for its occasional huge waves, brings the confirmed death count of the tragedy now to five.

Naval sources say however that they expect more bodies to appear “in the next few days” due to a change in weather conditions.