Sea giants venture out of the water into Lagos.jpg

Sea giants venture out of the water into Lagos

Six sea giants, two metres in height, are on display at Lagos’ historic centre to alert locals and visitors to the importance of the sea and the need to preserve it.

Under the motto Lagos: to renovate is to preserve, the local Câmara took the initiative to ‘decorate’ the city with the eye-catching sculptures as a way to support the local businesses affected by both the revamping works taking place in the city as well as the current economic crisis.

The Câmara has also set up two spherical shaped, underwater themed information points in the historic centre, where people can learn about the development projects for Lagos, such as the two underground car parks, allowing spaces for 900 cars, and the complete renovation of the seafront.

The information points are open daily from 10am to 1pm and from 6pm to 11pm.