Sculptor Sören Ernst exhibits 30-year collection of creations

West Algarve sculptor Sören Ernst opened his home and studio at Casa Pequena in Alma Verde over the weekend of August 31-September 1 to exhibit a 30-year collection of his sculptures, ideas and designs.

It should be fitting that the temperature was also soaring around the 30ºC-mark, the sky was clear and the sun shone illuminating Sören’s creations.

Whether you had visited Sören’s house before or it was your first time, it was a mind-blowing experience; everywhere you looked there was a new piece, from the massive ‘Gaia’ and ‘St. Sebastian’ to the intricate mosaicking dotted around the property.

Also exhibiting was Lilly Brothers, with a collection of her new designs and her first life-size sculpture of an iconic mermaid and decorative chair, upcycled from waste source materials.

Accompanied through the afternoon with a few live covers sung by Catherine Nightingale, the weekend was one to be remembered.